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Ever since the Robinul, I forget what it’s like to have constantly sweaty hands. So the other day I forgot to take it when I went in for Senior pictures. The guy kept touching my hands to arrange them for the pictures and they were sweating like a waterfall. I had to rest them on my gown (cap and gown pictures) and was afraid it would get all damp. I had to hold a diploma and was scared it would get wet. I wanted to cry because I thought the guy would mention it and I turned bright red and pretended to fix my hair. Now I remember how life was before the Robinul and I’m scared of how much I rely on it nowadays. I’m thinking of trying iontophoresis so I won’t have to rely on a medication, and also the Robinul doesn’t really help my feet as much.


mom: “Look it’s time to wake up”

me:  image

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wheres the customize button for my face

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that pizza guy is gonna call his parents like, “remember when you were disappointed I was a pizza guy well GUESS WHAT I’M ON THE OSCARS” 

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omg i just realized why mario and luigi are red and green


how i didn’t see that i’m so stupid


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